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I am in a rental and owner uses her handyman for everything. I am at a loss because I now have YELLOW BROWN WATER coming out of every tap in the house. Obviously cannot bathe/rinse mouth for brushing teeth. The owner was slow to answer my email for help. I am SO tired of problems!  Can someone give me the name of the best PLUMBERS locally? Also if you have had yellow brown water problem what was the cause and how was it fixed. I have had 3 rentals before and have been here a while. I am so sick of landlords cutting corners and getting a band aid for problems. I would like to be armed with info when I talk to her and her handyman this morning.

water 1 (2).jpg

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The problem can by, the algibe has to be clean, they have to check, probably the algibe have sone cracks inside and the sand going inside to the algibe, tha tinako, has to by clean, and like is a old house the galvanizado pipe is in poor condition, so they make that yellow color whit the water! And is not save to ised that water!

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Thank you, I know it is not safe to use the water. I have heard if the tinaca(?) is made of asbetos like the old ones that may be the problem. 

As a renter down here I am trying to find THE BEST PULMBER  anyone can suggest. My cost cutting landlord along with her "handyman" think it is because of the "ants" that get into the thing in the ground. (sorry, don't know what that is called.)


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I had a similar problem lately and I found an expert in Ajjibe repairs who diagnosed it as ant infestation, showed me their entry point.

He responds promptly, shows up on time, speaks fluent English and really knows his stuff.

He emptied and cleaned aljibe, pressure washed, cemented over brickwork and refilled.  cleaned up after himself.

The job took 4 hours with him and his assistant and cost only $1000mxn (I have a rather small aljibe)

I found him on either this board of insidelakeside where he had 4 or 5 excellent recommendations going back to 2014 @ the same $1000mxn price

abraham dorado aljibe plumber

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correct tel #
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I did not have the water problem you are having, but between 2 houses I have lived in with some major problems, my landlord always gets Jose Luis Gonzales-Chapala

331-326-4662  He guarantees his work and he has done wonders to fix water problems in both houses I have rented. Bilingual as well.

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