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Truck Campers and TIP

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I know that the rules are always changing. For years I knew of friends coming down to Mexico and bringing their truck campers and never having to obtain a TIP. I guess that now they require a TIP to get across? Either way, I bought a truck camper a couple of years ago, here in Mexico. We drove north and back with no problems. No TIP required. This camper has been in Mexico for over 15 years and has been back and forth across the U.S. and Belize borders several times by the previous owner. 

These truck campers are not towed, they have no wheels, so they do not require a registration or tags in the U.S. I am assuming that the same applies here in Mexico? No need to register and no requirement for tags. The camper is a 1994 and it has no title. All I have is a bill of sale that was sold to me here in Mexico. 

Are there any legal issues with my truck camper? I have a potential buyer that is concerned about a pedimento. He is asking if it was brought in on a TIP, which it was not. He is concerned that if he is stopped by the authorities, they will ask for a title and proof of pedimento. He is afraid that they can impound the camper if he cannot produce these documents.

Any suggestions, opinions or information?

Thank you!!

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No TIP and no pedimento for truck camper...it is considered part of the truck.  We had one here for many years, back and forth across tbe border with no problems.

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