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Wages for Home Assistance

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I think you will get 2 prices: one paid by extranjeros and one paid by Mexicans. To get a realistic one, you might ask the people who operate Salvador's Restaurant in Ajijic, or the owner of Yoli's Beauty Shop in the same area. Both speak excellent English.


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Or you might want to seek the advice of someone outside of Ajijic, where the prices can be somewhat increased due to the large number of expats.  It is sometimes suprising to find out that prices there are often much more than in the other areas so close around the lake.



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I had 2 caregivers for my Mom, who passed a year ago.  At first I paid them 50 pesos an hour. As we became "Family", I paid them more of a weekly pay than hourly.   They are Red Cross trained and very knowledgeable .  If you would like a phone number, please PM me.  They are both Angels.  

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I asked this question of Rony in 2014 -


Let me first share with you my opinion.

1) First of all, in this very family orientated society, it will be extremely difficult to find a live in caregiver and if you do find one that on top of it all. speaks English, it will be like winning the lottery.
Only 10 % of the caregivers here speak some English.

2) Ofcourse, you will have to add a few other things to the above, like being reliable, honest, pleasant personality, being able to cook.

3) And .... you would need more than one, because you could not expect someone to be there without a break or holiday.  Also, that way, you will have an extra person in case the other one gets sick or doesn't show.

4) Taking into account all that, you could be lucky to find another expat to be willing to do the job, but they will want more money, and I only know about Mexican wages, working normal shifts.

An alternative is to have in total 4 people working, filling all the day and night shifts, but not necessarily living there.
The lowest price would be 250 pesos for one day shift (from 9 am to 6 pm) and another one from 6 pm until the next morning (300 pesos for the night shift, since it is 15 hours, but with possiblity to sleep or rest).
There will also be Christmas bonusses, Sun and holiday extras and possibly social security.

This is just to give you an idea.  If you ask 10 different people, you will get 10 different answers.  This is my experience in the 4 years that I have been doing the employment project.
Although there is a lot of unemployment, it is very hard to find the right people.

Sorry that I could not bring you more positive news, but it is what it is.   Expectations from expats looking to hire, are often unrealistically high and they often start the relationship employer/employee without realizing what is ahead.

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