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11 hours ago, bezerk said:

Wow all this over a holiday and traffic jam...maybe we cane go back to 18 plus years ago when we had nothing here.  This is the cost of being a tourist area and Tapatios and foreigners living and or visiting here.  Personally I liked it better when they had the holidays on the actual day and did not follow USA suite by doing long weekends ( puentes) but I do make certain to know when they are and I stay home. 

We al have bad days..the traffic is bad on the carretera so why all the attacks , so a poster vented..chill, chill.  You could be driving in snow..:)

Ughhh, don't remind me of winter driving!  So glad I don't have to do THAT anymore!   :(

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I remember being at Tabarka years ago when they were on the carratera and on long week-end we have had problems crossing ever since they but the lights around Colon, nothing new, when we have a long week-end there is traffic back up so go through the village or do not go out. it could be worst in Valle de Bravo they run out of water and that is the town of the rich and famous..

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13 hours ago, virgogirl said:

I have recently sworn off Ajijic in general. not my bag.

Thank you. I'm sure that thrills people here just like it does those NOB. :D


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