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2017 Looking for a home to rent

Laura G

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I am in hopes that someone on the forum can help my brother and myself find a long term rental.

We came to Ajijic a few weeks ago and fell in love with the area.  We are back in the states and

are getting ready to move there.  We need whatever help anyone can give us.  We would like to find

a 4 or 3 bedroom; 4 or 3 bathroom; single story; clean; prefer views; pool, roomy for us both to have our

own space.  We will take excellent care of your home.  We will have repairs done if necessary on our USD

Our budget (no laughing) is no more than $1100.00 USD per month all inclusive.  If that's not possible please give us direction.

Thank you ahead of time for any and all of you who will respond.  Oh I am an American Legion Member.   Love pets but we don't have any now.

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59 minutes ago, Laura G said:

I find it very difficult to find anything on the internet that is current information. Like 2017.  Why are most of the articles dated back to 2011 and 2010?

Don't know why articles are older. I am not sure the reason is important.  You will find good information on this forum that is current.  People are pretty good here about answering new questions as well.  Try to ask specific questions, rather than general as there is already a lot on this site.  I usually search the forum prior to posting.  I recommend you do that as well.  Most of us will be glad to help.

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