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Airline breach of contract--recourse?

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Months ago I booked my esposa's flight to Chicago, paying a premium for the nonstop daytime flights that AeroMexico was selling.  This weekend we get an email from them changing the schedule and turning the flights in both directions into Red Eye specials.  That is not what we booked and paid for.

Question is, can we force them to cancel the booking and return our money?  She would rather cancel the trip and go later instead of arriving at Chicago O'Hare at 1AM in the morning and leaving there on the return flight about the same time.

I'm telling you, air travel just absolutely sucks these days.  Friends of our got screwed like this by Volaris on a trip to Florida, had to stay a second night in a hotel, cheapest available was $220 a night and Volaris "generously" gave them a $50 credit towards a future flight that expires in 6 months.


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Just call them and tell the "No"

I have had this happen twice, both times sending me into Chicago exactly the same way.  Each time I called the airline and told them that their change was not what I wanted That the change prevented me from accomplishing my personal business and either they accomodated me with close to the original flight times or refund my money.  My intention was to fly around the midwest so their changes were a problem for onward travel.  They refunded the money both times which were years apart.  Now I don't even look at their flights as options to go to the Midwest anymore.


However when I am travelling the east coast I do take their redeyes in and out of Dulles because it usually is less than $300 Dulles to Mexico City roundtrip.

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Internationally the airlines can get away with more crap than nationally. They changed my flight once coming from Europe, they chaned my flight so I would have to spend a night in London and would not pay for the hotel so I refused, then they offered me a trip via LA from Paris  then Mexico GDL I refused  they ended giving me a flight to Mexico and refused to pick up the tab for the MEX GDL.. so good luck..

# years ago I was bumped pff business class , I was offered a 450 euro coupon that became a 450 dollars and then 4500 pesos when I asked for money rather than miles, I turned down the pesos then fought for the exchange rate of the Euro versus dollar at the time and then they gave me hell about sending the money and they finally told me they were going to deposit the money in my Mexican account... I had to give them my RFC who knows why since I had bought the upgrade in euros while in Europe.. That was Delta the other was American.. airlines are the pits..

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Have had this with Aeromexico.   They had no problem with me changing flights to one. Preferable for me.    As to cancellation I have found that to be contractual.   If one purchases the low rate and ignores the 40 dollar or so insurance I suspect your stymied.  Check the small print on the contract or details that come with the ticket and you should find a definitive answer.

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