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Looking for new digs - house hunting.

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Just started house-hunting, so thought I'd throw up a word here.

If you know of anyone (a charro, perhaps?) who knows of someone with a house on the outskirts, please send me a PM.

I need 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a patio area & a spot for a veggie garden.  Plenty of windows & sun is a must.

Prefer simple, saltillo floors.  Rooftop mirador a bonus!

Kitchen basic, but ample counters for soapmaking, etc.

Don't need parking ATM.  Want to be able to have a dog/cat...

Flexible on location - from Joco to Chapala.  Near the markets.

Feel free to ring me at 376-765-3981 if you hear of something.  What I want is normally not found on the web, usually more off the beaten track.

Cheers, all & thanks.

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   Good Afternoon,

  I am arriving in Guadalajara on the 27th of this month. It is my intention to settle in Ajijjic or Chapala. My issue is finding a weekly hotel while I search for a long term rental.

   I'm having a devil of a time finding a hotel. Any suggestions? I wanted to stay in the range of  3 to 4 hundred dollars per month.



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Not buying, just renting...

House found - 3BR, 3BA in Las Redes... 

Thanks to those who responded.

Anthony - There is Hotel Samara in Chapala on Morelos.  Also, check in at 317 Zaragoza Street...  It will be empty and, if you don't mind a few inconveniences like a washing machine that doesn't work well, you'll have ample space for $225USD/mo.  The water isn't nice, tho...  Plenty of cheap places about near the central Chapala Mercado.  Walk around & write down numbers.  Check out the "bulletin boards" at Soriana, WalMart, & SuperLake.  In Chapala, there's a rental posting wall outside Santander Rio bank, and further down (Hidalgo changes to Morelos) about 3 blocks between the Papeleria & a shoe store...  That's where I found my new house.

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