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Big police action (maybe)?

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I've been listening to the sirens, wondering what was up.  I met a police truck coming through La Floresta this morning, going west at a high rate of knots, siren on, lights flashing, in the eastbound lane - luckily there is space there to pull off.  It seems to be an active day from a police perspective.

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Yes, have heard 3 sets of sirens today. Wondering what is up. Reminds me of the "May troubles" a few years ago, when I did not go out without checking the webboards to see what was afoot. So c'mon guys, what is afoot???

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Oh, very funny! But we will not go there. Discussions of length are limited to the other board.

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Just a little more info... And yes, looks to be on the back road to Guadalajara.


Noticias Semanario Laguna de Chapala
El día de hoy se registró un violento operativo de la Fuerza Única. El operativo se realizó con uso excesivo de la fuerza en Zacoalco de Torres; sin embargo, en la carretera Guadalajara-Morelia, elementos de la Fuerza Única, violentaron, al grado de golpear patrullas y a policías municipales de Jocotepec.

Según un policía de Jocotepec entrevistado bajo condición de anonimato dijo que elementos de la Fuerza Única de Jalisco estrellaron calaveras de patrullas y golpearon a policías sin aparente motivo acusándolos de estar coludidos con el crimen organizado.

En un momento más información.

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At about 4:00pm there was a confrontation between armed subjects and members of the Regional "Fuerza Única" police unit at Kilometer 5 on the highway to Jocotepec. A Tundra pickup was seized there and reportedly five persons were shot down. Apparently the armed civilians opened fire on the Fuerza Única officers.

First reports are that the operation by Fuerza Única was begun due to the disappearance yesterday of a state policeman who worked at Casa Jalisco, the residence of Governor Aristóteles Sandoval.

According to early reports, in the confrontation in the Delegation of El Molino at least two people fled on a motorcycle and personnel from the State Prosecutor's Office deployed a search operation in the area.

After the clash the Prosecutor's Office seized a pickup, a shoulder weapon, five short weapons and two grenades, the newspaper El Informador reported.

According to the police officer who was interviewed, Jocotopec Municipal Police did not take part in the confrontation between the gunmen and Fuerza Única because when they arrived at the scene of the shootout they were prohibited from entering. Five people died in that confrontation.

According to sources in the State Prosecutor's Office, the state policeman was last seen leaving his home in the community of Huejotitán, Jocotepec and was found dead in the vicinity of where the shootout occurred, reported Notisistema.
The young man on the motorcycle has still not been located. It is not known if the two incidents are related.

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