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Heavy duty garden hose

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Need a 20 meter garden hose, heavy duty rubber is best, the green ones last no time at all.  I don't have time to haul into GDL to Costco, is anyone locally selling decent quality hose like the red rubber type?  Casa Plomero, Jara, the Riberas Garden center, the hardware store in Chapala, the hardware store in San Antonio, are any of these good bets?

Ran a search here, the last time this topic was discussed was 2014 and some of the above were mentioned.  Recent experience?


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The dark grees ones are next to useless. They kink and crack and don't last very long. Truper makes two that are much better. A lime green one and a red one. The red one is a bit stronger. One has a 6 year warranty the other 5 I think. I've been using the red one for at least 5 years with hot water sometimes and with fairly high pressure. Never a problem with either. They have very solid metal ends also. The Prisa store in Ajijic sells them as do other places including Home Depot. I'm not sure what they are made of. I'm looking at the packing that came with one and it says 6 ply, heavy duty. 

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1 hour ago, cedros said:

I've looked at Costco for hoses several times and have never found any. Am I looking at the wrong time of year?

Probably. I found the same thing last year when looking for a quality hose, having purchased them before at CostCo. Even though we don't get snow here, CostCo definitely has its seasons, and I had to wait until early summer before they reappeared. Cynthia Ornelas's webpage shows two hoses available, so Mainecoons wouldn't have to go to Guad himself. BUT both are heavy-duty plastic, not rubber, and again pretty much as difficult to use as the cheap ones... except that they don't kink.

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