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Where to file with Labor Department


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Our maid has been working for an individual that is a snow bird but has not returned this year and has not paid them.  She can not get this person to email her back about this problem.  The snowbird's house is for sale so I told her to file a complaint with the labor board but she doesn't know where to do this.  Does anyone know what the name of the government agency is and if there is an office located in Chapala or will she need to go to Guadalajara? 

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On 3/11/2017 at 0:14 PM, gimpychimp said:

Tell her to go to the realtor who has the listing and register for her severance pay when it sells.  Maybe he or she can explain the situation.  The snowbird might have died and the kids are selling the house.  Who knows?


That's a good start. Also, there is a local office of "Sindicato Confederación de Trabajadores" in Chapala. I don't know how to reach them, but pretty sure she can get the answer at City Hall, and they will certainly do right by her.

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