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5 hours ago, garmemorial said:

This may be in line with more people here talking about going back early due to noise and traffic

What does this have to do with IMSS? Since they have gotten more organized the wait has gotten shorter every year for the last several years. Don't think it has to do with less people signing up.

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4 hours ago, cedros said:

Or maybe more are signing up for Seguro Polular.

I thought that IMSS was going away because of corruption and other issues. and it has become increasingly harder to almost impossible to get on IMSS if one has pre-existing conditions. I was told all I could get on was Seguro popular and get private catastrophic insurance.


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It is hit or miss, last times wee were there we faced long lines and waits.  It is a crapshoot and depends on luck, how many people wake up that day and decide to go to IMSS. 

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