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What does "Lic." before a person's name mean ? ? ?


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Yes I am one and no doesnt always mean law degree.  Lic is an abbreiviation for Licenciado which means a person has a college degree which commonly is in law but can also be in commerce or tourism so all abogados are licenciados but not all licenciados are abogados.  Graduates from the University of Guadalajara are abogados and the rest of us are Licenciados en Derecho.

You can check web sites online to see who really has a degree as many claim to have them but dont for varying reasons from never studying to not completing their community service requirement to not paying for the final cedula and procedures. 

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16 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

In Mexico a licenciatura is a bachelor's degree, and anyone who has a bachelor's degree is considered a licenciado and can include it in their title.  

Licenciatura = Bachelor's

Maestría = Masters

Doctorado = Doctorate

....and it applies to ANY discipline........

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