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What about raw goat milk?   There is a product, Kabrita, that has a powder and found in the baby product aisle in Soriana, Walmart etc.  I am aware canine nutitionists recommend raw goat milk as having less problems than cow.   If you insist on cow you might talk to one of the farmers that sell pajaretes on the side of the road.   If you don't communicate well in Spanish just ask your gardener, he'll know.

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You really have to know your source (farmer/cow) if you are going to mess around with raw milk. Are it's feet trimmed? Is it's coat healthy? Does it free range it's feed? In other words, only drink natural milk from a happy, natural cow (or goat).

Slightly off topic - does anybody know of an acreage for rent, with casita, that can sustain a small herd of goats (and some guard dogs)? My friend is an expert in both raising goats and making cheese (not feta - doesn't like feta). Currently lives Chapala Centro - but I think she is out of her loop and her destiny. Maybe east/north Chapala city limits?

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