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Wonderful handyman with some time over the next two weeks. Beto has been working for us since couple of weeks before Christmas and we couldn't be happier. He has done some plumbing, electrical including hanging lanterns in two tall trees, lots of tile work, painting and lots more. His morning customer is going to PV for two weeks and has given Beto the time off. If you have some work you have been putting off this is the time to do it reasonably. His number is 33 1511 3478. He will likely be at our house in Ajijic all day tomorrow and maybe Monday. Let me know if you want to meet him and to see some work he has done.

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Updating this old post as Beto needs work to substitute for his lost snowbirds. He is very capable and reliable and truly an all around handy man. I think I am realistic in what I ask of him but have never found anything that he can't do. He may have to go north for work and we would truly miss him.

He speaks English and can be reached at  33 1511 3478. Can you help?

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thanks for the referral. I had Beto to my house today in La Floresta for a small job. He was a delight, efficient and resourceful, Did good work and I will have him back. He has a family and needs work. 

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