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Muchas Gracias Party for Jus Chillin Feb. 20 at 2pm

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FEB - 20 - Music by Daniel Cordero during lunch
Muchas Gracias Party for Jus Chillin
Mon 2 PM · Constitución #32 Ajijic centro

Hey everyone, come celebrate with us at Jus Chillin on Monday, Feb. 20, at 2pm for lunch.... and Happy Hour starts at 3pm. Jus Chillin provided the 700 bottles of water that were distributed at the rally, and we could not have done that without them. Let's show them our appreciation by showing up, and filling up their place for lunch. Location: On Constitucion east of Colon, where Tom's Bar used to be.


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What rally??? Which rally??? And isn't the restaurant/bar called Just Chillin with a "t" on "Just"? (I have a sticker on my car that says that.) And isn't it Daniel Cordero to which you refer? Maybe you could post that again, as we would probably love to join you.

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Jus Chillin Ajijic is their Facebook name. They drop the T. And I corrected Daniel's spelling - thank you.

The rally was on Jan. 21 and they handed out 700 bottles of water for free to the people who attended the rally. So this luncheon is to thank them for their generosity. 

Please come and join us at 2pm for lunch!

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