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Canadian Bacon


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It is not available here, unfortunately. CostCo's looks like it, but it is not maple-smoked, and it is mushy-fleshy. Still, it cooks up more like normal bacon than what we get at the local butcheries. I bought a jar of McCormick's Smoked Maple seasoning at CostCo, and I sprinkle that on the bacon, which helps a bit.

But I should also ask, when you say Canadian Bacon, are you talking about what Canadians call bacon, or are you talking about what American's call Canadian Bacon, which is actually peameal bacon, and looks more like slices of ham. In which case, I have seen it here rarely at SuperLake.

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I know I draw heat for this, but back bacon, or Irish bacon is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Soak it four days in salt water brine, air dry it with a fan, and then hot smoke it for a couple hours. Lean, tender, but does contain nitrites/nitrates.

This recipe is overly complicated, but you will need pink salt.


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