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Double time on Sundays for gardeners?


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Thanks Snowyela! I talked to him as you suggested.  I asked him what was normal for Sunday? He said he was not expecting anything more for working today (Sunday). When I pushed him what other employers would do, it appears that if someone is asked to work on a Sunday, double time is common. Even though I did not ask him to work today (he asked me if he could work today)  I think I will pay him double time for today to help him out. He is a fantastic worker. 

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2 hours ago, JyC said:

Legally you need to pay double time no matter what, or you could get into trouble at a latter time.

Suggestion: Give a raise per day. Saturday give him extra work. Have a day to do extra chores around the house/yard.


"Under Mexico’s Federal Labor Law, employees are entitled to one paid day of rest for each six days of work in addition to the required seven paid holidays. This seventh day can fall on any day of the week, however, employees whose regularly scheduled work shift falls on a Sunday must be paid a premium of 25% above what they are paid on other days. This is known as the Sunday Premium or “Prima Dominical.”

Workers required to work on the seventh day, holiday, or any other rest day are entitled to double pay. If that day falls on a Sunday, the worker is entitled to double pay plus the 25% premium."

So, if someone is working Sunday, 1 day a week, they have to be paid 25% more for Prima Dominical, not double time.  The "double time for Sunday" is a long-held misconception and does not exist in official law.

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