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Art auction to support Ajijic's Passion Play

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Every year Ajijic puts on an Easter Passion play.  To support the cost of the material for the scenery and costumes, the players hold an art auction at the Nueva Posada.  In true Mexican style, they left it a little late to advertise the event.  It is THIS FRIDAY (10th)!!!  The art auction is emceed by Efren Gonzalez and features works by Efren and other artists. 
The event is in the gardens of La Nueva Posada on Feb 10th and runs from 3 to 6pm.  As well as traditional Mexican food, prepared and served by the artists, there will be music and dance.  Tickets are only $250 per person and are available at the Hotel Nueva Posada, Diane Pearl Colecciones, and the studios of Efren Gonzalez and Dario Marquez.
Please come and support local events and local artists.

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Thank you northernnewbie.  The weather should be great and the atmosphere is wonderful.  Efren is quite the comedian as auctioneer. 

The Passion Play itself is put on over the Easter weekend over several days.  Most villages have an equivalent event.  It starts at the bottom of the hills overlooking Ajijic.  Followed by an evening presentation in the plaza.  Then the main event is the next day in front of the big church followed by a procession through the streets back up to hills for the crucifixion.  An unbelievable amount of effort from the community is put into this event and it shows.  You don't have to be catholic or religious to enjoy the play.  We can help keep these traditions alive with our support.

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