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new Magic Jack Go device

hopeful Mex

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Just got one of these a few days ago. I'm getting differing answers on this topic. Just wondering how safe this technology is for a conversation where you have to divulge Soc.Sec. numbers, bank accounts and the like. Is keying the numbers on your phone pad riskier than speaking them?. I'm told that cell phone communication is somewhat safer than Voip. Safer, but not always safe.

Can anyone knowlegeable about this please post?

Thank you.


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Almost everything that is not a local land line phone to local land line phone call goes on the net somehow and is recorded by the NSA or some other intelligence operation.

There is NOTHING, let me say that again, NOTHING that is 100% secure.

However, the chances of someone going after you individually is so close to zero that it doesn't even register.

Your big problem, my big problem and everyone elses big problem is the information that is stored in huge data banks somewhere with millions of other peoples information.You would be surprised just how many people have your information.

1. Governments

2. Banks

3. Insurance companies

4. Credit card companies

5. Retailers

6. Medical (doctors, hospitals, drugstores etc)

I looked at it one day and came up with more than 20 data banks that have my information.

You can buy "information packets" off the web for $.40-$.60 a packet so It doesn't make any sense to go after you individually. Thieves want millions of packets to sell so they go after the data bases.

Don't worry about how you give it out, worry about who you give it to.  Give as little as possible to as few places as possible and hope that they can protect it.



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... and your list let out the other players:  Microsoft, Google,  Facebook  et al.

And all one has to do is go online and just 'look at' something somewhere and before you know it every time one goes to a website, there is an ad for that product or service!  Why even yesterday I walked around in a Park in San Miguel that was hosting the annual Candaleria flower show, and later, when I looked at the face of my Android smartphone there was a message wanting me to 'rank/comment' on that Park!

There is no privacy anymore......

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