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This is happening (if it actually is) because of the fibre infrastructure being used in the new hotel. Rumours abound that TelMex will extend the service on both sides of the highway. NOTE that fibre does not have to be installed to the homes there, because the VDSL technology being used supports copper, the current installation. To take full advantage, updated modems are required. Last year, motos were driving all over Ajijic dropping off new, unrequested modems to various houses.

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All current modems will work on the current copper infrastructure. The twin-antenna dual-band modem works also, but something in the modem OR in TelMex's infrastructure prevents it from getting all available speed. For example, in my own house, my speed was cut in half, even after spending a good deal of time online with tech support who actually know their stuff.

Models from the last two years work better, and the newest models from last year, including the downsized-to-one band Huawei work just fine. But I have no idea what or when needs to be fixed for those dual-banders. A real shame, because dual-band is a leap forward.

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