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Cycling and bus service on Hidalgo


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There is a lovely bike path on the north side of Hidalgo that seems to run a bit past Mom's Restaurant towards Chapala  and end in  the other direction at the  intersection near Walmart. That is a far as I can tell from Google Maps.
Has there been any additions since. If one was to ride a bike from Mom's Restaurant towards Jacopetec, how far could you go safely?
Also the local bus from Chapala running along Hildago. How far does that go. Does it go as far as Jacopetec?

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The bike path to Jocotepec is non-existant in San Juan Cosala and then picks up as a well built and well kept section till the entrance to Joco and then, again, ceases to exist. After Joco...Zilch. No attempt to build or maintain a separate bike lane.

Buses from Chapala go to the bus station in Joco. Then you can change to the "blue" buses that circle the other side of the lake and stop at most villages.

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