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On 1/16/2017 at 1:13 PM, RickS said:

The OP said that his wife is a US Citizen (naturalized), so I'm not understanding what this green card discussion is about (maybe my lack of knowledge on the subject!). And she is a Mexican National. Dual citizenship. So cannot the OP have a shorter/quicker and maybe less expensive route to Permanente due to his wife's Mexican citizenship?

Yes one year as a TR; renewed one more year and then a PR; financials not required. My web site explains the issue of names matching on documents to make it easier.

Who can drive the vehicle temporarily imported into country?

In the case of Mexicans living abroad 

For the importer, your spouse, parents, children or siblings as long as they are permanent residents abroad, or by a condition of stay abroad temporary resident, student or temporary resident visitors. While being driven by someone other than those authorized invariably must travel aboard the importer of the vehicle. 


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