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Capital One 360 and CI Banco

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On Saturday, December 3, 2016 I went to CI Banco to withdraw some money using my Capital One 360 card.  CI Banco's screen indicated "transaction cancelled.   I got home and received and email from Capital One 360 that the amount I requested was removed from my account.  I called Capital One 360 and told them I did not receive the pesos requested.

On Monday December 5, 2016 I went to CI Banco and talked to the manager.  She said this had happened to several people and she could do nothing to help as it was between the main branches of the two banks.

I called Capital One 360 back and they temporarily refunded the amount deleted from my account.

Today I got an email from Capital One 360 saying they would be deducting the amount from my account on 02/24/17 as CI Banco said i received the amount requested in pesos.

I ask Capital One 360 for proof and was sent a print out from CI Banco provided to them showing I got the pesos.

Capital One 360 is now going to deduct for pesos I did not receive.

If you use CI Banco and Capital One 360 and do not receive the amount requested and CI Banco says you did YOU LOSE!

There is no other recourse for me.  Capital One 360 did suggest I file fraud charges against CI Banco as if that would work.

I will be looking for an alternative bank in the US but until I find one I'm stuck and have lost a large sum of money.


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I use CIBanco to withdraw a larger amount once a month for my Mexican debit account.  I have a CapitalOne360 card (which I only use at Banorte at El Torito for free) and a Charles Schwab card which I use at CIBanco also for free.  I'm wondering if anyone else has had this kind of trouble at CIBanco with any other US bank or is this just a fluke with CapitolOne360?  When the manager said that this has happened to several people, did she mean CapitolOne360 customers only?

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A couple of months ago, I cashed a cheque at CIBanco, they phoned me next day and said that there was "Insufficient Funds" in my Canadian account. As proof that this was impossible, I brought them a current statement to prove that there was more than sufficient  funds to cover the withdrawal. The manager wanted me to return the cash amount, which would have meant that I'd have lost $2,000.00 Can. I spoke with my bank in Canada, they assured me that the money had been sent to C.IBanco.

Long story short, C.I.Banco finally admitted that they had made a mistake, and that we did not owe them anything. We will continue to deal with them, as it is convenient for us. They did apologize. 

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Good to know. I usually use CI Banco with my Capital One 360 card, because it's the cheapest. When my daughter was visiting, she asked for 5000 pesos(not a Capital One card). The machine dispensed 4000, printed a receipt for 4000, but when she checked her account she found that 5000(equivalent) had been deducted. So she had clear documentation of the error, but finally gave up with each bank pointing fingers at the other.

Two strikes. Stopped using them now.

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