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Residente Temporal - process at GDL airport

Cincy's Wife

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Yes, you should go to the immigration window just to the left of the international/customs arrival area and fill out the FMM.  Show that form with your passport a d RT visa card at the window.  They will stamp the form and your passport. Then youngo check in with the airlines.  The airlines will keep one portion (usually stapled to.your boarding pass which is then kept when you board) and return one portion to you (that is your immigration form when returning, along with your RT card and your passport. ) This is the same FMM form that is.handed out on your return flight for.those entering as tourists except you are essentially doing the reverse of a tourist.  I always take the form when it is handed out on the return flight so that on my next flight out of the country I can have it all filled out when I arrive at the airport and go to the immigration window.

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