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Joco Gal, I recently had a very bad few bouts with asthma and actually ended up going to hospital in an ambulance and spending the night on oxygen in the emergency ward.  Friends purchased a plug-in oxygen fabricator at Guadalajara Farmacia and since battery-powered machines are so expensive in Mexico, ($5,000 American) I bought a little machine at the auto supply place near Walmart that plugs into your cigarette lighter in the car and allows you to plug in electrical devices. There are two medical supply places where you can buy or rent oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators as well. 

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3 hours ago, mike7129a said:

there is guy in upper Riberas that fills my ,achine, he also sells them too,  the place in west Ajijic wanted to charge me 650 peos a day plus refills, the guy in Riberas price is 650 a month , I suggest call him 765-5040 or cell3331045218, pocito english, NOB service

I think we are talking about two different things. There are oxygen concentrators, which are machines that do not require refills, and oxygen tanks that do. I don't understand the thing about 650 pesos/day. Must be some mistake.. I rented a concentrator from them for a while for 500/month before I bought my own. 

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