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On 3/13/2018 at 11:03 AM, Bisbee Gal said:


The Orlando Consulate told me to bring a statement from my pension source that stated the current monthly amount and that it was permanent.  That was in addition to the bank statements showing those deposits.  It wasn't a big deal...my benefits person scanned and emailed me a standard form (they said they get requests for this all the time from mortgage companies and banks).  This was in January 2017 for an RP.  

Miami consulate staff can be very difficult and if gay almost impossible. 

From my web site: The amounts are per person but some consulates will accept lower financials for a spouse. Consulates vary and may use different amounts taking into account exchange rates but many will not. What I post here are the laws issued by Mexican Immigration. Consulates are not a part of Immigration. There will be variables at consulates and they are not totally consistent. Some consulates want originals. I recommend you review your MX consulate web site. I am not responsible for those variables and the mood, knowledge, politics or skills of the person at the consulate.

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8 hours ago, pappysmarket said:

Only Sonia knows for sure but my take is that Miami discriminates against gays. What's your take?

Exactly based on several gay clients being declined and then pre-approved at other consulates. 

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