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Next Dog Class Jan. 14, 2017
Dog Class Outline
* Positive Dog Training - What - Why - How
* Set the Dog up to Succeed
* Get Attention - Maintain focus  
* Come - Sit - Down - Stay
* Learn the basics of Clicker Training
* Learn how to address the Big 3 Problems
                 - Stop the dog from jumping up
                 - My dog won't come when he's called
                 - Dog doesn't walk on a loose leash
 * How to have a Happy Well Mannered Dog
 * Games and activities for Handlers and Dogs
Where: Free Spirit Play Park  aka "the Dog Park" in San Antonio
  #166 Ramon Corona -  4 blocks west of the Plaza/Church  
                                  mountain side
When - 10:30 AM - 6 weeks - starting   Jan. 14, 2017
How Much - 600 pesos
Contact:  Art Hess              766-3580          artthedogguy@yahoo.com
*please share if you have a friend who may be interested
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Excellent reminder. Thanks for posting. I'm a big fan of Art's training and classes.

If you've taken your dog to Art's classes, you have an open invitation to return for free for follow up behavioral issues or more training.  Can't beat that.


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