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Funniest translation yet


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I know- you see these huge signs, as well as fancy looking menus, that the business owners obviously paid a lot of money for, with hilarious translations or spelling errors. You'd think they would get someone who is fluently bilingual to translate, it's not like there aren't many people with bi-lingual fluency. Altho some business owners have told me that the error was made by the printers. Apparently printers here don't give out proofs to business owners before a print run.

I also love it when people wear tee shirts with some slogan printed on it in a language they don't understand. I once stopped by a local tiangue- the middle-aged woman who ran it was wearing a tee shirt that said "Please turn me over before I choke on my own vomit". I asked her if she knew what it said, she said no. I explained it in Spanish. A look of total horror came over her face and she instantly started pawing through the tee shirts on her rack for a different one.

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On 1/6/2017 at 7:38 PM, mudgirl said:

...I once stopped by a local tiangue...

I think what you mean is tianguis.  It's the same in both singular and plural--one tianguis, two tianguis, etc.  Tee-AHN-geese.

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