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Shipping in Mexico by Amazon Mexico

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Here is how I've contacted them in the past.  Hope it works for you.

Go to the Amazon Mexico site.

at the top there is a word Ayuda click on it.

scroll down to the bottom and click on Necesita mas  ayuda?

just to the right more options will appear, click on Contactanos

this will take you to the sign in page if you're not already signed in.  Log in.

this will take you to your most recent purchase. The screen will show yor order as section 1

section 2 is a drop down menu in regards to your problem

The Section 3 will give you the option of contacting then via  email, or telephone or chat.

I hope this works for you.

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You can also look your order under Mi Cuenta then Mis Pedidos. On that page there is a button Devolver... There is a dropdown menu listing reasons you want to return or replace products. I think one of the selections is it has pass the estimated delivery date.

I just received a PC hard drive from Amazon mx that was DOA. It will be a good test to see how the Mexican site compares to the US. I'm waiting on a return number from the vendor which hopefully will lead to a working replacement.

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