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This has been brought up in the past...but I would like to open it up again. As Christmas approaches and re-runs of old Scrooge movies as well as modern takes of the story are run.....I am more aware of the "complainers" or the "bitter people."

I love where I am and the people I have chosen as friends. When we first moved here...I was afraid to drop anyone...then we began to notice how much more we enjoyed eating out or visiting with the "happy people." You know...the ones that don't complain about the local government, the fire crackers, the roads, dogs in restaurants, no dogs in restaurants, restaurants that don't meet your high standards....and on and on. Now, if you want to be unhappy where you chose to live or with your experiences here....you won't be part of our lives....if we can help it.

I say.....try to see the best in this country....it will still be here when we move on and probably won't be changed by any of us. Happy Holidays.

Fred and Barbara Habacht

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Please fill in the following answers:

I think angry people on this site should have their own moderator and their own section:

I like Mexico and it's people:

I appreciate and thank this country for accepting us inspite of how we act:

If I don't vote...I shouldn't comment on this government:

If I don't like how they do things here...I should form my own country:

Posting over 3000 times without improving or helping any one's lives or experiences here....should get you into the new special section:

then send us your email and you will become a "friend."

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If one doesn't like the discussions on this board, there is no obligation to either read or participate.

Problems don't get solved by pretending they don't exist.  Some serious progress has been made on many issues because people didn't stick their heads in the sand and instead came together via this board to effect change.

You haven't always enjoyed life in Jocotepec and didn't hesitate to share that here.  I don't recall you being labeled as a complainer or bitter person.  Please do not in the future make those judgments and evaluations here of others.


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