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Deposit for car when entering into Mexico


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6 hours ago, RickS said:

To each his own.....  but getting it online insures that one doesn't get all the way to the border just to find out that some piece of paperwork is not with you.... especially for first-timers who don't know everything like we veterans do.  :D

I don't think one can cross at Laredo in 20 minutes 'tho. Piedras Negras or Acuna, yes. Laredo... probably shouldn't count on it.



Why would anyone cross in Laredo..."?   You cross at Colombia.. It wouldnt even take 20 mins.. You are lucky to see another car  at the border crossing?.

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Thank you Dboisclair. I didn't think of calling the bank to ask. It is a debit card. The bank updated to the new modern chip and thus, the old debit card was cancelled. I realize that disrupting the process by changing anything may delay a refund. So I will check this out. At least it says on the receipt paperwork that if you do have any changes of card number to report to banjercito. so that's positive.

Have title, registration, tip receipt and original document. should be good to go at laredo. i found it very easy to pass through last time. the wait wasn't extreme.

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