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Telcel rip off

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1 hour ago, poptarte_22@yahoo.com said:

Well,. well...finally some explanation for the whole cell phone plans vs packages...

I have the pkg. which mysteriously needed 20p top up...at a kiosk on the carreterra...in order to carry on...tho I hardly had used any of the features...certainly not many phone calls anywhere!!  But I do take and send pictures....using data...which is unlimited.

NOW I have until Feb. 14 for 20p..PLUS still have til Jan. 8 on the pkg.  I really do not understand it at all!

But will see Ana at Laguna Telcel and see if I can get this annoying scenario fixed and get  the pkg OFF my line...I have never felt so confused...plus the language issue has not helped me either.

Hopefully I can resolve this and understand what plans/pkgs?? I have...with free LD on the landline...I don't need to call from my cell..and some plans on the receivers end will be charged if I call....so I won't inflict that on them.


$20 pesos activates it for 10 days

$30 pesos activates it for 15 days

$50 pesos activates it for 30 days

$100 pesos or more activates it for 60 days

You do not lose your balance. It is good for 12 months everytime you reactivate your cell pnone with a "recarga".

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Thank you so much for this into...I have printed it off to show someone there...and this is similar to what I have done for years with a very simple cell phone...but then brought my iphone here, got the MX SIM card, etc...and got totally fed up with the plan or package talk.   I will go there asap and hope to resolve my issue........

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