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DHL International Envelope Delivery

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When I get a TIP delivered to my USA home, it comes via DHL.... usually within 3 days from hitting submit.

But previously I had only used FED-X when asking for an envelope delivery from within Mexico to Colorado.

Yesterday, Friday, a person sent me a letter via DHL. It left her hands in San Miguel de Allende at 3PM (Central time). It was NOT sent overnight and was sceduled to arrive Monday by 8PM according to the tracking notice.

Imagine my surprise when there was a knock at my door in Colorado at 1:30 PM TODAY (Mountain time) and it was..... the DHL courier delivering that envelope!  24 hours en route and that included a stop in Customs also.

Color me IMPRESSED.  Guess who I'll used again next time???


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I think DHL has a great delivery service. I placed an order with Amazon USA on the 22nd of November. And it has been confirmed by DHL for delivery on the 29th hear in Mexico that is good service. I receive it on the 27th.

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I used FedEx this spring to send multiple shipments to the Canada Revenue agency in Ottawa. In every case the package left Ajijic at 2:30 pm and arrived at its destination by 11:00am the following day. I really don't want to support an offshore delivery service owned by the German Post Office plus they are more expensive than FedEx.

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