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recommendations for Xmas and New Year's Eve


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Hello everyone - I have been browsing your forum and enjoying all the reviews and stories.    I am looking for recommendations for a higher end restaurant where I can take visitors for Xmas dinner and New Year's Eve (meal + music).  Food is the primary focus but also a place for which you would get a little dressed up .(Doesn't have to be too formal but comfortable and stylish) I am open to all suggestions if you could share your favourite places or comment on the following:


La Mision

Nueva Posada (hotel)



Thank you !



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We have lived here over four years. And I believe we have gone to Christmas dinner every year but perhaps our first at Manix. It is very well done. They carry in the roast pig and I believe they also serve turkey, along with all the normal side dishes. The quality is very good and it is consistent. The service is excellent and the meal is fairly priced.

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La Mision has planned our best New Years Eve Party in our 3 year history. We will be open from 7:00 pm to 1:30 am. The dance music will start @ 8:00 pm. Our New Years menu is as follows: Appetizers, followed by Cream of Asparagus Soup. Your choice of Entrée: Rack of Imported New Zealand Lamb, Roasted Potatoes, Mint Sauce and Veggies. or Thai Lobster Tail, Sweet Potatoes and Veggies. Deserts are Tiramisu or Coconut Creme Brule.  Any one on a special diet or vegan is no problem, Chef Julian will prepare a New Years Eve dinner just for you.

Party Favors and Champagne and Traditional 12 Grapes @ 12:00 am.

To make your reservation and table selection we invite you to drop by @ Rio Bravo # 7 or call 108 0887

Thank you as always for your support.

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Manix - the Turkey and "in the ground" roasted Pig are to live for.  Presentation excellent.  Ambience excellent.   Having said that, for me, Christmas isn't Christmas without Turkey.  Roast Pig a bonus.  Dancing doesn't interest me for Christmas dinner nor does music so load I can't enjoy talking to friends at a normal pinch.   Second choice would be Nuevo Posada but don't know who the chef is now.  Parking decent at both places.   New Years is another kettle of fish and many prefered private parties.

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7 hours ago, desafinada said:

It looks like Avocado Club is doing a New Year's Eve dinner and dancing bash.  One of the menu options is a 2 lb lobster, other less extravagant options also available.  I believe they have done the lobster option before. Someone might have feed back from that time.

Nova Scotia lobster or Caribbean??   Better yet a Blue Newfoundland.

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hello la Mision -  your NY Eve party sounds wonderful.  I will discuss with "the clan" and get back to you.  I had a wonderful evening at your restaurant this summer. Food was great but the crowning glory was the father-son musical duo - wonderful!!


Thanks to everyone else - that roast pig at Manix for Christmas dinner is calling my name ;-)

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On Thursday, December 01, 2016 at 6:30 PM, suegarn said:

I believe that he's getting the lobsters from Nova Scotia again, like he did the last time.  I don't think that I've ever seen a 2 pound Caribbean lobster.

Hello. Avocado Club & Gossips are going to celebrate at AVOCADO CLUB New Years Eve. 

With live Nova Scotia Lobster, complimentary oyster bar and a choice of three course menu too.

Live music 

Midnight champagne

Tickets available at

Avocado Club 7667000

Gossips 7660217

Please pick your dinner of choice with your tickets.

Happy Holidays

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