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Anyone know where I can buy loneta , the fabric used by painters for their canvas.  I want to buy it by the meter so I am going to go to Guadalajara to look for it but would like to know where people who paint buy it.

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Several years ago I tried to find canvas locally.  Closest I came was called Lana which is a lighter weight polyester.  A fabric store behind the stationary market in Chapala. I switched to untempered masonite panels which the lumber yard cut for me.   I do not notice much difference during painting altho I had to gesso them.  I did not have the hassle of getting streachers, it was a lot cheaper.  I gesso with a paint roller, have used white acrylic housepaint and/or gesso and depending on how much I sand the surface I can control the texture to be similar to canvas.  Canvas is too much hassle down here and I see no reason to use it.

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