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Lookin' for some good musicians around here

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hello everyone , i am new here ,  i usually use facebook instead , but i wanted to be a part in this great community with its great people :)

so i am from GDL and it's been a long time since i started playing music with my friends , since i was little i spent most of my time with my beloved father who was a town musician  and i raised listening and loving the old school music of jazz and blues , and that's how i started my career in playing music ...

and i was wondring if i can find some good musicians around here to share us his talents especially in electric guitars !!!

thanks for reading and i hope you like it :)

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Hi, Alex GTO, and a very warm welcome to Chapala.com Webboard! We're all very glad that you're here, and want you to know how much we value your participation.

Sometimes, it is hard to decide within which section we should most appropriately post something, not that it really matters all that much. Nevertheless, placing posts in the "right" places makes it a bit easier for some of us more senile residents to find answers to questions that we might have about certain topics. That's why I said that I moved your very first post to another, more appropriate, unspecified section. Maybe I meant that your post was originally placed in a "wrong" section, and I actually moved it to this one. Who knows? Especially other readers who may not frequently peruse this board. I'm just jerking you around, though; go ahead and try to find your post in some other section! Go ahead! Find it? Hehehe. No soup for you!

Now, returning to myself: Alex GTO, I sincerely hope that you find some simpatico colleagues.

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The restaurant happenings sections is for restaurant owners/performers to post about their particular establishments.  La Cocina is to talk about food.  Here we talk about topics of local interest or make requests for services or things or people who share a mutual interest.

The post will get a lot more attention here.

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There is a new forum category in this web board called "The Lakeside Art Scene"- you might try there as it is for all the arts including music. Ocampo 71 in Ajijic is a friendly local bar with food that has music on wed. and sat. (I think!)- pretty good players- you might could touch base with other musicians there. There is also a new restaurant on Colon that had a good guitar player and singer last Sat. night- can't remember the name, it just opened- a couple doors toward the lake from Bancomer on the same side of the street. El Bar Co is another place where there is live music. Just a few ideas!

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