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Forbes recommends Guadalajara for shopping


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2016 has turned out many surprises. So when a U.S., mainstream financial magazine/website, recommends Guadalajara as a prime Christmas shopping destination, I guess I shouldn't miss a beat. Send this to friends and family, encouraging them to visit you for a change. Hard working Mexicans can use the money.

Shop Guadalajara


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That is humourous. It certainly can be mind-boggling to see the Libertad, but unless you are looking for souvenirs, like blankets, leather belts, cowboy boots, and knock-off luggage, purses, sneakers, video games and DVDs, you will be disappointed by flying into Guadalajara for Xmas shopping. The malls are way behind in the kind of goods people up north like to buy for gifts. And over-priced because of duties compared to "home". I would imagine even more so now, with the peso suffering against the US buck.

On the other hand, for tourists, the city is quite amazing.

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