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Ever since our chef Jorge created our menu over a year ago trained our staff and gave us a menu we were very proud of we always knew that he had won a 4 month course to a culinary pastry school in Seville Spain and would be going there. He left after he was confident that the staff could maintain the quality of his menu. He was to return after completion but the time kept going by and no Jorge, we heard he had fallen in love and was going to remain in Seville.

That is when we decided we needed to get a new chef and with the help of Kim Everest she recommended a chef to us who in her words will be if not the best chef in Ajijic will be one of the top two. She told me everything about him told me how to structure his contract and 4 weeks ago he started. The staff was nervous and one had her nose out of joint as she thought she should have been made chef, but after having worked with him, every person in the kitchen is so happy that Julian is now the Chef of La Mision. He is 43 years old neither smokes nor drinks his daughter is a dentist, has the patience of Job and is always smiling and is training the staff and they love him as the love he has for his calling  and the smile on his face has won them all over, plus they are all making more money because of him.

The results are starting to show... he started slowly by learning the menu, the staff, and the restaurant in and out including the mission.  He has now tweaked our menu is adding new specials every day and because of him have seen our results grow every week. For example yesterday Sunday which is not normally the busiest day of the week for us,  in spite of the weather, it was our best Sunday since we opened. The restaurant was full including the ViP area.

We prayed and our prayers were answered.... and from your comments since he has taken over we know our customers know the difference as well.

He is only just started, we are so excited about the future as he has discussed with us his plans for the future and we can't wait.

Just wanted you to know how happy and excited we are for the future of La Mision.

Thanks as always for your support.



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