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I like the flavoured non-carbonated water drinks that are made and distributed by this company.  I have found a limited supply of these drinks in local abbarrotes but want to buy in larger quantities.  Has anyone on here seen these available anywhere?  The local grocery stores do not carry it (Sorianas, Wal-mart, Super Lake, etc.).

Bottled and distributed by Embotelladora Cactus S.A.de C.V.  and their web site is www.aguacactus.com.mx.

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I just wanted to point out that there really is a cactus water, actually many types locally. The gardener we are friendly with tried to explain it to me. They start with natural fermented Pulque, which is from agave (there are a whole bunch of types of agaves by the way, each with their own health benefits). This Pulque is boiled down to a quarter of the original liquid, which of course would destroy the yeast, and sterilize the liquid. Then natural honey is added and the wild bees are invited to feed off this mixture, introducing wild strains of yeast. After, or while(?), the new fermentation, this is used as a very powerful medicine for the people in the hills around Lake Chapala. The gardener swears that this has cured cancer in two friends of his. He is not the type of man to make such claims lightly. Many Nobbers start their day with a "smoothy" often full of fructose sugars and calories. Many Mexicans start their day with a small glass of "liquado" - and are often full of a variety of herbal extracts and juices. I think many of them must taste awful, but it is like Buckley's Cough Syrup -"If it tastes that bad, it has to be good for you".

If anyone might have a need for this natural medicine, please PM me and I will try to track it down. I think it is available in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.

Sorry ezzie, and to board etiquette, I know this doesn't help you at all, but it may help others who might search this topic. So many people here are suffering medical problems that seem unresponsive to big Pharm cures or relief.

Edit: Once again Karen Gruber on Mexconnect has done a wonderful job introducing some of the medical and culinary herbs unique to Mexico.


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I don't know what the bottled cactus water tastes like, but with the abundance of cheap nopalitos cactus pads sold on the streets  here.  Just buy a bag and blend them with water in the blender.  Add what ever you want, even aloe vera is great added, add fruit, honey, whatever sounds good to you.  There are plenty of recipes on line.  Oh by the way I would never buy the cut up nopalitos, I would buy the whole pads and cut them up myself.  Sometimes they leave small barbs on them when you buy the pre sliced ones.  With a whole pad you can carefully run your hands over them to check for prickers.

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