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Internet Failure Riberas

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I have been into Telmex Offices 4-5 times over the last 2 weeks. We are in upper Riberas. I have had the Modem replaced, connections checked by a technician who advised that all was fine & that he would be looking for a loose connection in the lines? I was told by a Telmex Service Rep that the problem is with the server? 


Is anyone else in Riberas having outages. This is only getting worse! I am beginning to suspect the modem may have internal issues. While posting this it has gone out & then back on at least once

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Yes, your problem still sounds like bad lines somewhere. It could be as simple as where the line comes in on your roof: the "connector boxes" decay over time, screws come loose, exposed wires slip off... Since you were not at home the last time when TelMex came, I recommend you try again. However, do not use the local office. Call Infinitum support in Mexico City: 01-800-123-2222.

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Follow up: Last Thursday I called Mexico City as u advised. They asked for my modem's serial # & reported that were issues (unstated) in our area. They RED Flagged it for service, Friday the same tech, Luis arrived for the 3rd time & stated that we were now on a different server " all things would be Perfecto"

1 hr later we were out again I called Luis back, he said he would be right back/ Never showed however the internet was more than less fine over the weekend; things started sliding down hill Tuesday. Today I was going to call Mx City, wonders of wonders they called me; twice with follow up questions, I know this is unheard of.

Anyway they had me unplug the modem from a voltage stabilizer & plug back into the mains. Maria Rodrigues said she will call me back tomorrow to see how things were going. I am to photo the LEDS if & when we are out. She seemed surprised that I had not seen a red LED? More later!

As an aside I spent the better part of 1hr in discussions with NOB Bell internet services at 2 locations 1 in PQ 1 in On. Temporary suspension issues & of Course Billing. Retirement in Mx is some what a challenge w/O Internet or voip

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