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Bank deposit by mobile Ap on phone


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Is there a trick to mobile ap deposit banking?

Back in August I was able to get a $600 US check to deposit from my Bank of America mobile ap on an android phone.  I haven't been able to do it since.  The messages say it can't be done from here.  I put on the anonymizer and it takes the application all the way to the deposit point and then says the amount I input and the amount of the check do not agree.  I need to be able to put these checks in BoA thru the mobile ap.


I have a brand new Iphone.  I know people for whom the BoA ap works ALL the time.   I haven't set this Iphone up yet and would like to hire someone to teach it to me straight out of the box.  I do not want a lot of fiddle faddle on it that i can mess up, and especially need the BoA mobile deposit to work. 

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I have a BOA account and deposit several checks a month. However I downloaded an app called vpn.cc pro. It costs just under $ 10.00 bucks a month but, worth it to me. I have a BB&T account and no problem from Mx. I have to use BOA because it is a joint account with my wife and I and some checks are in her name. I called BOA and was told no exceptions.

I told BOA I was using an ip hider they said no problem.

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