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Dialing 866 number in US


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On 11/5/2016 at 9:50 PM, bdlngton said:


I am using a Telmex landline.  What in my original post would lead you to believe otherwise?  I would gladly dial a regular, non-toll free number if I had one.  I know how to do that and that it is free as I do it all the time to talk with family and friends and to take care of business in the US.  Unfortunately I have ONLY the 866 number for the business I need to talk to and I am aware that toll free prefixes in the US need to be switched for other prefixes when calling from Mexico.  I also know that calls to toll free numbers in the US are not toll free when dialed from Mexico, even when the necessary prefix is substituted for the US toll free prefix.  Thus my original question of what do I substitute for 866.  So far none of the suggestions have worked.  It's looking like I need to go to a friend's house and use Skype or Magic Jack.  This has been very frustrating for something that should be fairly simple.

Skype is what I always use if it's any kind of "toll free" number in US or Canada.

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