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Need digital camera battery charger


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My re-charger for my lithium ion camera battery has stopped functioning. The batteries are for a Nikon Coolpix P510 digital camera. I have checked with the camera section of Walmart, and with Steren Electronics across the Carretera. Does anyone know of a camera store or a store that carries camera battery chargers on the North Shore of Lake Chapala? I dread going into Guadalajara to find such a store. I could order the charger through Amazon, but lord knows if and when it would ever arrive here from the US.

This is what I am looking for: https://www.amazon.com/2x-Pack-Replacement-Lithium-Ion-Compatible/dp/B00GNKYWLY

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a universal camera or cell phone battery charger for sale.  It is by Onlite 3.8V IC smart. 

input AC 100-240V  50/60 hz 150 mA

output DC4.35V  600 + - 50 mA


No clue if it will work or fits your needs but if so..100 pesos and it is yours. 


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Mercado Libre really is a good source for many things. The motherboard on my 5 year old washing machine fried and the Samsung washing machine repair guy in PV told me he´d have to order one and it would take about a month to get in. Then after a month, he told me that they weren´t available "anywhere in Mexico", although the machine is made in Mexico.

Went on Mercado Libre, took awhile to get the hang of how it works, but found a guy who has an appliance parts place in Mazatlan who had the exact motherboards I needed, brand new. He had an excellent rating on Mercado Libre, meaning he has been selling through there for a long time and has not scammed anyone. He had posted a very clear photo of it, which I compared with mine, as well, he listed all the machines that motherboard works for. I got his payment info, paid into his acct number at OXO, scanned him a copy of the receipt, and had the part delivered in 2 days.

So yeah, you might very well find your charger on there.

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