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Tourist visas valid for a 6 months stay?

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No, not necessarily. Be sure to ask for 180 days, which is the maximum and is slightly less than six full months. You must leave Mexico to get a new visitor permit, as it cannot be renewed inside Mexico.

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This is going to be one of those "it's never happened to me" quotes (and therefore not necessarily what happens all of the time), but.....

I have probably gotten 20 FM-T's and now Tourist Cards over the last 8 years and I have never gotten anything but 180 days, flying or driving.... even when I state on the form that I will be coming in for 30 days.



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10 hours ago, virgogirl said:

Under ANY  circumstance do they approve more?? 

People with serious medical problems (that prevent travel) that arise during the time of the visitors visa can apply for a special medical extension.  I've never used it, but other people report INM requiring documentation from a doctor that the visa holder is unable to travel and needs to extend the period of visitors visa.

Search old posts here,  esp. answers by Alanmexicali ...   
like this one

If you are too ill to travel INM will ask for proof and give you an extension with no problem.


(Artículo 160 del RLGP)

En caso de turistas que hayan sido documentados originalmente por una temporalidad menor a los

seis meses, la autoridad migratoria podrá cuando lo estime conveniente, ampliar la temporalidad hasta


Sólo por enfermedad que impida viajar, o por otra causa de fuerza mayor debidamente comprobada, se

podrá conceder un plazo adicional para salida del extranjero.

Cuando la autoridad migratoria lo juzgue conveniente, podrá autorizar la prerrogativa de entradas y

salidas múltiples al país en esta característica migratoria.


1. Formato oficial de Solicitud de Trámite Migratorio, debidamente contestado y firmado en original

y copia,

2. Original del documento migratorio del interesado,

3. Copia y original para cotejo40 de todas las páginas del pasaporte vigente del extranjero.

4. Original y 2 copias del pago de derechos correspondiente por el servicio migratorio solicitado."

Google Translation:

(Article 160 of RLGP)
If tourists have been originally documented by the lower temporal
six months,[FMM tourist] the immigration authority may if it sees fit, to extend the temporary stay that has been

Only sickness to prevent travel , or other cause of force majeure duly established, are accepted and they
may grant additional time for departure abroad.

When the immigration authority deems it appropriate, authorize the prerogative of inputs and
multiple outputs to immigration status in this country.


1. Official Immigration Application Process Form duly filled out and signed ,original
and copy [Tramite]

2. Original immigration documentation,

3. Copy and Original for comparison of all pages of the current passport from abroad.

4. Original and 2 copies of the payment of allowances requested by the immigration service."

Note: [force ma·jeure (fôrs′ mä-zhûr′, fōrs′) n.1. Superior or overpowering force. 2. An unexpected or uncontrollable event-


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17 hours ago, snowyco said:

What is virgogirl's situation?

Now Steve....  From other Posts she seems to be, and hasn't mentioned otherwise, perfectly healthy but is looking for a way to not have to drive back to the border to get a new Visa.  Did you see something otherwise that I may have missed?


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We were crossing the border at Laredo driving into Mexico several years ago and a couple in front of us received 90 days rather than 180. They pitched quite a scene arguing about it but the officials stuck to the 90 days. Not sure what had transpired before that but seeing their attitude when they were told they would be getting only 90 days there may have been something going on before that. They were very loud and rude.

We were next in line and received 180 days without asking. 

Go figure - anything can happen when dealing with "officials" anywhere in the world.

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Rick S you nailed it.The ideal situation could be handled by a round trip bus ride to the consulate to start a RT work permit tramite. Have not yet found the job, still looking. 

The truck is older and won't stand many round trips to the border. It's the perfect old 4wheeler for around here. Not roadtrips preferably.

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