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Dog Poisoning Basket muzzles

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The last time we had the poisoning scare I bought basket muzzles for my dogs. They can run, play, breathe easily but they can NOT pick anything up. I was fortunate that some one coming down brought them after I purchased them online. They weigh very little. 

Here is a link to purchase online.


Good luck and may we catch this bastard soon.


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We will. The Reporter and local Semanario Laguna have good articles and there are posters all over. Doña Cuca who has the tamale truck with mike is also spreading posters and announcing. It's only a matter of time. This is a basically good community with a bad actor.

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Lord, that's a good idea Harry.  I'm sorry I didn't think of it.  Sad though that it's necessary again.  I'd  be willing to bet someone besides the creep knows who this is, but maybe doesn't want to come forward.  Anyone who has a dog might check with the vet Memo and see if he has some in stock or can get them quickly.  I know he has had them in the past.

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The muzzle that Harry is using looks like a very nice muzzle.. nice and lightweight.

In case you are wondering how to get a dog to adapt to a muzzle:

Here is a video on how to condition your dog to wear a muzzle: http://leerburg.com/muzzlefit.htm

I took my time, stretching out the training a couple of weeks before I actually had my dog wear that 

muzzle for 30 min periods.  

You want a muzzle that permits panting.  

First time I had my guy wear it, I waited for a high distraction activity. Then when he went to paw 

at it briefly, I simply said no, and redirected his attention elsewhere.  This was after a good two weeks of fun and games, conditioning him to think the muzzle was a treat of sorts (muzzle comes out and a fun activity occurs or a treat is given)

Harrys muzzle looks real nice/lightweight, and ships easily/cheaply from Amazon.  

The Jafco and Baskerville muzzles also are nice.  

All three are available on Amazon, though Harry's and the Baskerville have easier accessibility in shipping to Mexico. 


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