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there was a three hour march yesterday holding up traffic and causing many people to miss flights. the sct secretary of transport are saying they dont owe any money to the demonstrators and i can see disruption for a long time yet.. totally crazy situation in my opinion and hope they at least stop affecting innocent travellers,

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2 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

Is that so?? Then why not put it in litigation or arbitration??? and let the courts decide

That process is complete, finalamente. The judge sided with the Ejido, and demanded the money be paid within two weeks. This was back in April/March or so. The airport acknowledges the judgement, but claims they have no budget for such an aquisition - bureaucratosleaze the whole way. I'm sorry, but I side with the Ejido on this battle. In the 1970's it was a terrible time when the rich thought they could bulldozer over a bunch of stupid farmers, over and over in Mexico. Now they are paying the toll.

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