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Just got this email from Dems Abroad:

We will be having help sessions to request ballots, fill out ballots on October 17 at the Lake Chapala Society.  Additional sessions will also include completion of FWAB's on October 24 and 26.

You can still request your ballot from on www.votefromabroad.org  but deadlines are coming up fast (may have passed in a few states) so DO IT NOW.

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This thread was from 2016. This years date was 10 Oct. Here is the most recent email from DemsAbroad received last week.

Yes, you can still ask for your ballot and even receive it by email often within a day or two. 

Remember, if your state requires you to MAIL your ballot, it is best to deliver it to the US Consulate staff during their visit here on October 10.

If you fit any of the following, come on down  to Lake Chapala Society...

  1. You want to request absentee ballots
  2. Have questions about your ballot (or ballot envelopes)
  3. Problems to solve with your election official or haven’t yet received a ballots by email.

Remember, if you have asked for your ballot but do not get your ballot by this weekend, you can still vote…… we can help you complete and email a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) … see us Tuesdays and Fridays at LCS. (or complete it yourself at  https://www.votefromabroad.org/vote/FwabStart.htm)

And if you know a newcomer to Lake Chapala, bring them down, they can still vote too.

Questions to:  Info-MX-LakeChapala@DemocratsAbroad.org

DA Lake Chapala -  Voting Assistance Volunteers

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