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Aussie looking to move to Lake Chapala area

Bill Hely

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On 16/10/2016 at 1:23 AM, Bill Hely said:

Great info SmartTraveller, and of particular interest as we have similar backgrounds. Thanks for taking the trouble.

I've spent a bit of time in various parts of Southeast Asia, so people often ask me why I'm not heading over there instead of to a completely different culture on the other side of the planet. Places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are cheap and very popular with Australian expats. Fact is, while there is very little that I specifically dislike about the Asian lifestyle, there are a few things that would make it difficult for me in the long term. Silly things like smell, that others might not even notice, but to me most of Asia has a very distinctive odour – not necessarily unpleasant, but just distinctive. I could list several other rather trivial little things like that, and they mean nothing to thousands of expats, but combined they get to me after a while and I look forward to getting out for a spell. I think you've gotta take notice of your individual foibles.

My house is on Brisbane's near north side. It's completely unencumbered – no mortgage – but it's very old and not in a great state of repair, so it's not terribly attractive for anyone looking for a house to live in. However, this is an area that developers are always interested in, so here's hoping.

Anyway, none of your minor downsides turn me off. I can't say that I eat much lamb now, so I'm unlikely to miss it. Not a fussy eater and got no allergies so I can pretty much get by anywhere foodwise. To be honest, the quicker I can get out from under the nanny state the better.

I didn't realise about the cold in January/February. I thought the Lake area was pretty much steady temperatures all year round. I'm a product of the tropics – don't like the cold too much at all. 

Again, thanks for your valuable input.

Hi Bill

Ha, ha...know what you mean by the Nanny State...Australia is not what it used to be!  I dont really like going back these days..it isnt the country I was born and raised in...  :-(.  It' s become a nation of entitled cry-babies.

Re moving to Asia, thats funny as they were my sentiments exactly.  I had a spreadsheet where I had evaluated a number of countries as a possible retirement place.  Thailand rated very highly (apart from my potential ability to write the language....) and I've always loved visiting but I felt distinctly uncomfortable about living there...my foibles, too, I guess!  Also, as a generalisation, I didnt like the Aussie expats there.  I chose Portugal but then I met the Canadian boy from Ajijic.  The rest, as they say, is history but I love it here...mostly...

Re being cold....its the altitude.  I dont know why, but if you ever write as I did, that it gets cold here at least one person jumps on you!  I think they take the 'second best climate in the world' thing seriously so feel obliged to defend it!!   :-). Feeling cold is a personal thing so you cant tell people that its not cold when they feel it.   However, for someone used to Brisbane's climate like you and I, it does get cold very cold at night for a brief period of 6 - 8 weeks.  How cold depends on the home you are living in.  However, if you come and live in a Mexican style home with high ceilings, tiled floors and very thick walls (which are what you want in summer) it is c-o-l-d.  We (and other friends living in similar homes) use gas and electric/oil heaters that struggle to heat the place, not to mention rugging up at night and sleeping under a nice big down doona.  We eat our lunch outside during this time as the day time temps are low to mid 20s and it is usually sunny - and much warmer than inside the house.  Better still, this is when you decamp to warmer climates - the Pacific coast or Yucatan or nearby countries that are closer to the Equator.

Best wishes for your move...

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