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R/T flight to Phoenix with AE pointe. Suggestions for airline and how to book?

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The old US Air flight to Phoenix is the best flight there simply because it is a direct flight. Its a smaller plane (an Embraer I think) but they also do 737's on that run depending on when you travel; so check what is available for different travel dates if you are flexible. American airlines bought US Air and are still offering that route. It is the only route where I will actually choose AA over another airline. Look it up at www.aa.com.

All other airlines will require connections and will be more difficult for your hip because of that. I have no idea if AE points can be used with AA but what ever happens, make sure you pay for a preferred seat selection and request assistance. Depending on what your luggage requirements are, it is cheaper to pay additional luggage in advance rather than at the counter; so check the weight restrictions before you fly. Also AA has a habit of changing your reserved seat selection for another so make sure you check before you go and check again at the airport to make sure that you are actually getting the seat you paid for.  Finally,  other airlines may have recently started offering direct flights. Consider Interjet, Volaris or Viva Aerobus (RyanAir) to check out their options as they have all been adding routes recently.

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Hate to be the fact checker BUT USAir bought AA not the the other way around.  Because AA was bigger UsAir kept the name. A direct flight is one that makes a stop along the way to your final destination.. If you are traveling from point A to point B  without a stop then and only then it is a non stop and not considered a "direct flight".  Airline language gets very confusing and if you don't know it you can find yourself sitting on the ground for several hours on your direct flight  before getting to your final destination!!!!

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I am glad Volaris is doing a direct flight on the Phoenix run. That opens up lots of options for using Phoenix as a hub. Now we need someone who knows how the original poster can use his Amex miles. I don't use Amex but I do use points on another card. I go directly to their expedia based website with the desired flight info and buy it that way. I do not know if Amex works this way too. Call them.

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