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Marco's El Rey Taco in Chapala


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Had dinner there last Friday and, once again, am overwhelmed by the delicious, high quality food and reasonable prices. I had the best fried chicken I have had lakeside, light batter, not greasy, seasoned and cooked perfectly. Last Friday they included soup. It was a wonderful cream of mushroom, and just perfect!

Each Friday they offer a choice of three specials at a great price. You can get on their email list and receive notice of each week's specials. Here is the email I received this morning:

"Friday,  October 7TH, from 5:00 p.m. Two dinners for only $160 pesos. (soup included)
1.- Beef Shis-ka-bob, served with baked potato.
2.- Fish and chips, served with coleslaw.
3.- Chicken cordon bleu, served with mashed potatoes.
 Ask for our home made desserts!!
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!!!!! please keep coming and support  Rey Taco, Marco & Elba appreciate all your attention, thanks!!!!!
Please call Elba. cell 33 14 29 6 5 82 or e-mail  elbarin@hotmail.com and mark-bouleau@hotmail.com
There is no direct way to get there from Ajijic. Here is the simplest way to tell you where it is: go up to Soriana, drive through the parking lot and exit onto the street behind Soriana. Turn right and at the bottom of the short hill turn left. Marco's is one block up on the right. It is covered patio dining only so dress for the weather. 


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You're welcome, Congo. So glad you gave it a try and loved it. I was there with friends for tonight's specials and we all enjoyed our meals again. It is also a great place to drop by for lunch during the week. I like to eat there before grocery shopping at Soriana. I figure I more than pay for my meal with what I save by shopping when full and content. Cuts way back on that impulse food buying!

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